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The key to success in your facility is the process we use to determine the most appropriate IPM program and treatment-and-monitoring strategy for each facility.

Our seasoned professional will provide an inspection and analysis of your facility, including communication with key personnel, and help you develop effective pest management and sanitation program specific to your needs.

Ashland’s detailed electronic tracking activity report will provide a detailed written inspection report of findings and a bar-coded tracking system to verify every area serviced with an electronically submitted PDF report of actual times, dates, area, and detailed findings for all your pest and sanitation documentation records.

Your Inspection includes at least 5 key activity areas:

1.) Entry Points:

Insects can enter your business through small cracks and crevices. Supply deliveries also transport insects into your business. Rodents can invade your business through holes the size of a dime.

2.) Water Sources:

Pests need water daily and will forage until they find it. Leaks in plumbing and roofs will support pest infestations and hamper control efforts. For Fruit Flies and Drain Flies, we have the ideal tailored program for each establishment’s needs!

3.) Food Sources:

The tiniest crumb can support pest infestations. One spill or crumb can feed more than 600 omnivorous cockroaches; even the glue on delivery boxes provides a food source for pests.

4.) Entrance Points:

Cracks and crevices can provide living and breeding spaces for pests and rodents. Rodents will nest in voids on the interior and burrows on the exterior.

5.) Customer/Employee Areas:

Health risks and pest sightings can destroy your bottom line. Protection is essential to the health of your employees and customers.

Because different types of pests require different types of treatments operators and customers must team up with facility employees to accurately report where, when, and how many pests were seen to help prevent infestations and control existing problems.

Sanitation Consultation – The focus of every IPM program is a daily sanitation schedule. That schedule directly impacts factors that contribute to pests and many sanitation issues.

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